Top 10 University Academic Degrees

If you're having trouble deciding what degree program you should take, we can help!

The following has been rated by Princeton Review as the top 10 degree programs for your major. They offer the widest scale of career paths. That means, you can go on to any level of your major. You can easily change the path of your career with the marketable skills you'll learn. They also offer many intellectual challenges to various careers. They can take you where you want to go!

1. Business Administration and Management

If you've always been the leader of the pack, then business administration and management is the major for you. You'll enhance your problem solving, number crunching, and decision making skills to the finest level. Principles of accounting, economics, statistics, finance, marketing, and human resources are necessary skills in business administration. You'll master all six without any problems.

You'll also cover how to budget, organize, direct, control, and how to manage various kinds of corporations from your own company to a Fortune 500 company.

What you learn in Business Administration and Management can start your career path as a:

2. Psychology

Studying psychology will answer questions you've always had about why people do the things they do. Psychology teaches you about human interaction, motivation, and how the chemistry of the brain works. This is one academic degree that can set the world on fire with an ability to focus on mental disorders, emotional problems, personality traits, intelligence, and how habits are shaped by parents and the environment. You can also take what you've learned and teach others how to deal with the many problems involving human behavior.

An academic degree in Psychology could start your career path as a:

3. Nursing

A nurse is always needed, no matter what country you're in or what the economy is doing. You can easily work anywhere in the world with a nursing degree. It's the stepping stone to other health related degrees. You'll work at hospitals and health care facilities when you begin your clinical studies. At the end of your degree, you'll be certified as an accredited nurse with an academic degree in nursing.

When you register as a nurse, your career options will lead you in many directions including:

4. Biology/Biological Sciences

Biology can change the world. More technology is being developed to study the world for ways to help solve all the problems from global warming to population control. Learning about humans, plants, animals, and the environments at the cellular level can solve many problems such as genetics or biotechnology. You'll learn a number of ways to help our environment or solve an ecosystem problem.

With an academic degree in Biology, your career path can start as a:

5. Education

Teaching others is one of the most satisfying careers one can do to inspire and influence many generations. As an educator, you can change the way people think and change the lives of many people. Although, most of the courses will be general education classes until you choose the grade level you'd like to teach. You'll have enough knowledge at the end of the course work to join a classroom as a student teacher. When you finish your academic degree in education you can immediately start teaching at a school of your choice.

With an academic degree in Education, your teaching career can start as a:

6. English Language and Literature

If you've ever wondered what a degree in English can do in the job market, you'd be greatly surprised at the opportunities that are open. Most programs spotlight fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from around the world. However, they also touch on history of literature while analyzing the works of some of the world's greatest writers.

Learning from other writers is a way to improve your mind, sharpen your critical analyses skills, understand emotions, and improve your creative skills.

With an academic degree in English Language and Literature, your career path is wide open in a number of industries, including:

7. Economics

A degree in economics is an outstanding preparation for entering the business world. It improves your critical thinking and math skills. It teaches you how money works and how to allocate it for
the best return. You'll also study production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and how they work within a business.

With an academic degree in Economics, your career path will allow you to enter a wide-number of fields, including:

8. Communications Studies/Speech Communication and Rhetoric

Communications is more than just talking to people; it takes you into the world of presentations such as speeches, scripts, and other strategies speakers and writers use to get a point across. The
verbal and nonverbal messages, audience reaction and other communications are essential help to a communications expert. How you can read an audience with body language alone is an invaluable tool for a speaker. You'll learn all ways to communicate with any type of persons or business.

With an academic degree in Communications Studies/Speech Communication and Rhetoric, your career starts in a wide-number of fields, including:

9. Political Science and Government

The study of politics and government can take you to a job anywhere in the world. Studying governments throughout the world gives you a look at how the world works and why some countries are still in the 3rd world status. You'll study foreign affairs, public policy, comparative government, and political philosophy in American government and other country's governments. It also helps develop your critical thinking and communication skills. It gives you an insight into the history and culture of why a government acts the way they do.

With an academic degree in Political Science and Government, you could become a:

10. Computer and Information Sciences (CIS)

Technology is never going away; it's only going to get better. It pays to learn all about computers, computer hardware, and software, robotics, computer languages, artificial intelligence, and gaming technology. Technology has brought us many things that make life easier. Learning about how to solve major problems in any industry gives a CIS graduate an endless way to job opportunities. You'll study natural language recognitions programs, numerical analysis, and math analysis as well as trouble shooting any component of CIS.

With an academic degree in Computer and Information Sciences, you could become a:

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