The Payback of a College Education

Learning to read, write, and arithmetic will get you a job in the fast food market, it won't allow you to climb any corporate ladders. The higher your education, the more choices you have for a career. Today, the average person changes professions 4 times throughout their lifetime. Each one building on the next profession. Although, earning your PhD is more for the academic world, a Master's degree can take your career to the next level. It opens up so many opportunities to bring you and your loved ones a better life.


As of October 2011, according to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment in the United States reached nine percent. Job opportunities are froth with competition. A college academic degree can get you past so many others entering the same industry. It sets you above others entering the job market. An educated person is more apt to find a job than one with a high school education.

Academic degrees do more than teach you about a profession. They teach you time management, responsibly, and human behavior, not with classes, but with just being in college. Four generations ago a high school education could start you out in any field. Today, however, you need an academic degree to realize your dreams. Most jobs these days not only want you to know about the field or industry, but they want you to know about budgeting, business models, accounting, and other areas that concern the business.

Education is no longer a luxury, it's mandatory if you want to reach the pinnacle of your chosen field.

Life Experience and Milestones:

You learn more in college than academic knowledge. You gain friends for life, you build contacts for future business interests, you gain time management, and you broaden your horizon and receive more opportunities for the advancement in your chosen field. The major benefits of a college education are not just the academic degree, but the long term knowledge to explore new interests and relate to diverse groups of people. It gives you a better chance of a financial future. It gives you a better quality of life. It gives you an adventure you won't find in anywhere else, whether it's at a campus or an online program.
"Education is not the filling of a pail, But the lighting of a fire."
- Wiliam Butler Yeats

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