How to Find a Job with a Broad Major

Back in the olden days you could have an academic degree in any major and still find a job in any industry. A degree was a sign that you could learn and had the ability to keep to a job to its completion, you could reason, solve problems, and see the big picture. Today, an academic degree means much more. Knowing where you want to go is an important step to gain an education. If you want to be a doctor, you study medicine. If you want to be a business owner, you tudy business.

Making sure you have the right knowledge is the most important part of realizing your dreams. If you have a broad major such as History, English, Communications, Psychology or Business you can find a job that you settle for rather than doing what you really want. If you're not sure what you want to do, take a general major such as Communications or English until you find your niche. Here are some thoughts about how you can connect with a good job with a broad major.

Double major or choose a strong minor

Choosing the right major is the most important part for an academic degree. You can take several majors, normally called a dual major, or choose a strong minor subject to go along with your major. For example, an English major can also take a marketing or business minor; an accounting major could minor in philosophy. You need a well balanced education or knowledge to show your prospective employer you can work with both side of your brain. You'll need to show you see the bigger picture and can handle all details for the company. All degree programs have a set of classes you have to take as designed by the Board of Education, but they also have electives you can take. Use the electives for minor classes you'll need in your chosen field.

Start Working Early

If you don't work at least part time while going to college, you're missing the best part of your job training. Working part time or full time does more than put money in your pocket. It teaches you about responsibly, time management, and functioning with others. Plus, some employers will reimburse tuition fees, so you're almost getting free college. However, it can also take you up the corporate ladder faster. You might not be taking a degree in fast foods, but fast food businesses also have corporate headquarters. Knowing the business from the ground up is a major advantage over someone who has never worked before.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer your time! It's one way to get free training. You can learn about a business from the ground up by volunteering to work at a nonprofit organization. You'll also learn communications skills, customer service skills, and time management. They also teach you how the business world works, how businesses work to comply with laws and regulations, and their commitment to the cause. They also look very good on a resume and are great for references. These are very valuable skills to offer a prospective employer.

Do an Internship

There are some internship jobs that are paid and unpaid. Taking an internship teaches you how the business works. You see, first hand, how your chosen field functions in the world of business. It also gives you many insights into where you want to go in your industry. Yes, you'll be at the bottom of the heap, but the information you can learn helps with critical thinking and shows you how the business works. Your advisor or student services can show you where to look for an internship in your field of study.

Go to job fairs

Job fairs are part of networking that is a must if you want to get your name out into the world of business. Companies join job fairs to see who they want to watch for future employment. They talk to you, take your resume and you learn about the business. Before you go to a job fair, be sure you have a business card, flyers, or an application. The representative will let you know what they want from you. Job fairs normally don't hire but they are for finding who is doing what in their industry. They are more like a pre-interview on how you present yourself and your knowledge in the field.

Sign with a temp agency

Signing with a temp agency can find you a job that no one knows about. Many companies don't want to advertise a job that is only open for a couple of months, so they hire temporary people to do the job. Temp jobs can get you in the front door of your field. They benefit you, so you can get a feel for the job or type of business. They benefit the company by getting a person to do the job without having to hire them, but if you do a great job, they will remember you when an opening comes up. Even if the job is for a temp warehouse worker, your academic degree will have you climbing the corporate ladder pretty fast. It also gives you experience you can put on your resume.

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