Federal Pell Grants

Grants are part of the financial aid package that may be available to help you out with tuition. The best and well known grant for students is the Federal Pell Grants. They are loans or grants of money that don't have to be repaid. Most Pell Grants are for undergraduate academic degrees. The only exception is for a graduate teacher certificate program.

You must pass the eligibility requirements to receive a Pell Grant. It comes from the determination of the "Expected Family Contribution" (EFC) form. The EFC is how much your family can pay for your college fund. You begin the process by filling out a FAFSA form. You'll receive a report in about 6 weeks to show your eligibility. If you submit your FAFSA form through the FAFSA website, you'll receive your student aid report in 2 to 3 weeks instead of 6 weeks.

Every year there is new funding for the Pell Grants program. Your total will depend on that funding. The maximum amount is $4050 per academic year. The size of the grant depends on whether you're full or part time student, the cost of your academic degree, and if you're attending year around. Grants are awarded through the school you attend. They can be applied to the total cost of your tuition or they can be paid to you. You can also split the total to cover your tuition and put some money in your pocket. Although, a better way of using a Pell Grant is to spend it on the books you'll need for classes.

Pell Grants are very helpful for academic degrees. They don't have to be repaid and they help lower the cost of an academic degree. You can find out more information from the Federal Pell Grants online website. You can download the student guide to Pell Grants from the US Department of Education. You should also be aware that federal financial aid programs change without notice. Always check with the financial aid department at your school for any changes.

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