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Hundreds of thousands of people are trying to determine what profession they want to join. Some of them take career tests to help them decide which program to study. There are three kinds of popular tests for career choices. Taking a career assessment test makes it easier to choose a career by determining your strengths and weakness. They don't rely on right or wrong answers, but on the level of your personality, like, dislikes, and abilities. The test helps ferret this type of information.

The three companies who supply the test are:

They use similar methodologies for choosing the best career for your abilities and skills.
Here is how they work:
Career Key
When you take the test at Career Key they ask you what type of job you want to do, what skills you have, things you like, and what you like to work with. They are direct questions you should answer honestly since there isn't any right or wrong answers. There are five screens of question to answer. Take your time and read each question.

When you complete the test, you'll see a summary of your career choices. They break it down into characteristic with scores from 1 to 20, with 20 being the highest. The test is an assessment of the type of profession you'll do best in for your personality, abilities, and what you like and want to do.
After you take one of these tests, you'll know what type of job you'll be suited for by the type of things you like, the skills you have, and the things you value. It focuses on the type of jobs by the characteristics you gave them. You may want to be an accountant, but if you don't have the aptitude for numbers, accounting will be very hard for you to learn. It would be the same if you wanted to work in the field of medicine but hated the sight of blood. The test is very accurate in it's assessment of your abilities compared to job types. You can take the Career Key test at

American Career Test

American Career Test is another career assessment test you can take that has 130 questions about your skills, abilities, likes and dislikes that will tell you what field of industry you'll do best. Answer them honestly because there is no right or wrong answer, it's an assessment test.

You can take the test for free, but if you want to see the results you'll have to pay for the report. They report contains your career choices for your personality and abilities.
The reports are as follows:

The results can give you a career path to follow according to your personality, motivations, what you want to do, and your skill set. It also shows you the best career choice for your characteristics. You can take the American Career Test at

Thinking Craft

Thinking Craft is more based on your personality. You choose between two personality traits such as individualistic / considerate or fearless / industrious. It doesn't give you other choices, so you have to choose one or the other. You get 18 choices. Once the test is completed, the report shows you a graft with the four key characteristics for job sectors: Interactor Style, Analyzer Style, Synthesizer Style, and Concluder Style.
They give you a details explanation what they all mean in terms of a career choice. You can also receive a detailed report of your personality. The report shows:

The report from Thinking Craft is geared more towards a personality assessment, but it does put on you on a path to the right career. It gives you a choice of careers depending where you land in the four squares. This is the same type of assessment test they give at Ivy League schools such as Forest Wake, Harvard, or Yale. It does a good job of setting the questions, so you can answer them and a good graph of the results. You can take the Thinking Craft test at


Career assessment tests are not perfect, but they are very accurate if you've been honest in answering the questions. They can't decide for you, but they can give you a path to follow in making your career choice. You'll learn a lot about yourself, skills, and what types of careers are best for your characteristics.
When taking assessment tests you need to know yourself very well. The information can put you the right career path and that will take you to choosing the right academic degree. That way you don't spend the first year of college learning about something you're not going to like. The test is just that - a test. However, it does give you the information you need to make a choice about the profession you join. The wrong profession will cause more stress in an otherwise stressful world.

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