About SAT Testing

SAT tests are for high school juniors and seniors who want to enter college. They are mostly used at U. S. colleges and universities. They are used to see of the student has the basic knowledge to enter college. It’s a 3 hour long test with 7 sections of multiple choice answers. They cover Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Each section is worth 200 to 800 points. You have to pass with a score 600 or more. The highest score is 1600. The SAT is offered seven times during the academic school year, from October through June.

The SAT Test

Practice and Subject Tests

You can take the PSAT, which is short for preliminary SAT test. The practice test will show you where you need to study to pass the actual test. It's also a way of finding what your score will be before taking the actual test. There are many books with tests in them you can take or you can take them at your high school. They are 2 hours and 30 minutes long with all the same sections of the actual SAT test. The SAT test is to see if you're prepared for college course. That means you should already know reading, writing, and math at the basic level before you're accepted into a college or university.

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